1. What happened when I forced myself to write something today.

    (Prologue: Struggles to write something) Well, you can stop struggling now, can't you? “Huh?” I mean, you did just write something. Didn't you? “Um, yah. I guess so.” So the struggle is over! Long live the revolution! “Just who the hell are you?!?” Quite obviously, I'm a voice in your head. “In my head?” Well, if I was a voice in someone else's head, just how the heck would you be hearing me? “ESP, I suppose.” Are you telling me you're psychic? “No, not...
  2. Mushrooms!

    This has been edited somewhat, but I posted the earlier version in response to someone who likes mushrooms. ;) Did you know. . . . The word "Mushroom" can be unscrambled to form "Rus H. Moom." Coincidentally enough, Rus H. Moom is the name of a not-so-famous inventor of late 19th century Indiana, who was looking into industrial uses for boogers. (Note the similarity in consistency here.) After several failed experiments, one of which escaped and devoured an outlying suburb of...
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