1. Kvothe (pt4)

    Tam returned from the woods a few minutes later with an assortment of dry twigs and wood, and proceeded to assemble and small, efficient looking fire. He rose to collect his tinder box from Bess. ‘Wait, let me,’ I suggested. The kindling was dry and responded quickly to my touch of sympathy, smoke curled and then whisped into flame. The familiar chills ran up my arms and I shivered briefly despite the warmth of the afternoon. ‘What’s the point of being an Arcanist if you can’t show off a...
  2. Kvothe (pt3)

    I woke the following morning shortly before true dawn, rested but unsure what had startled me into wakefulness. My nerves jangled until I heard a cock crow loudly from the yard below. City life had obviously left me unaccustomed to country noises. I pulled my clothes on and made my way down stairs to the kitchen where the morning’s baking was already well underway. The kitchen was warm and the smell set my appetite off. Before settling down I went out to the yard where I had spotted...
  3. Kvothe (pt2)

    My preparations for the journey to Trebon were a little less frantic than last time. With no pressing time deadline I was able to both shop around for cheaper supplies and to take my time over the journey itself. My intention was to walk to Imre and find passage on one of the many small trading vessels that worked the river. They were slow, taking three days over the same journey that I had covered in half a day on horse back, but very cheap. On this occasion I was particularly...
  4. Kvothe (Part 1)

    Twenty-eight Silver Talents! Fees were never openly discussed in more than a general sense, but twenty-eight talents was absurd. My purse contained little more than one and that would scarcely see me in board and lodging through the break. A black despondency fell upon me as I left the hall and I found my feet leading me away from the University and over the river towards Imre. I don’t know what I hoped and certainly didn’t find it there. Denna was no where to be found for company and...
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