Motivation & Writer's Block

  1. Creating Characters

    As usual, there's about fifty gazillion threads about creating characters and other matters. After much thought, and practice, I've come to the conclusion that it isn't as tough as it's made out to be. Characters are much like people, they're born, they live and then they die-just like us. Now their birth can be anything from sitting down and planning a character out to suddenly jumping onto the page without warning. My six characters each appeared a different way. Talia and her three...
  2. Success!

    Well I just finished Die Another Day (working title only) just now and it checks in at 89.6k words. Phoenix Rising checked in at 90.1k so I'm satisfied with them both now. Time to edit PR and let DaD sit and rest. CK
  3. Inspiration and how things turn out

    As I write, and weave Kate's back story in, I, and not to toot my own horn either because I hate doing that, have started to realize how ahead of my time I was. I've read "The Hunger Games" and seen the movie, and the "games" were something, albeit with actual gladiators and teams, I thought of while in seventh grade, back in 1986. Now, they'll always be the comments that I "ripped off" Suzanne Collins and in reality it's something I've had in the head for the longest time without the skills...
  4. Ways to help yourself improve

    Along with this site, find a group, preferably a closed, password required entrance one to protect your ideas, within the genre you're writing in to join. Iron sharpens iron, and you can work with people who write the same things, and there's information and viewpoints to be gleaned. The sci fi group I'm in has a man, John Bowers, who's a finalist in the most recent L.Ron Hubbard "Writer's of the future" which is a very prestigious competition to be a finalist in. Plus, you'll find little...
  5. Finished

    Just finished my first novel at a level to be published. The feeling of accomplishment is awesome. Nothing matches the feeling on gets from finishing a novel you know is good. Now onto writing a novella to fill in the gap between this novel and it's sequel while the novel rests. 2-3 weeks from now, I'll start the editing process.
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