1. Starting? Tod's; payment in faery gold.

    Okay.. I had three section that were okay and knew if i was going to continue this way.. I needed to insert a section between section one and two. The thing is in this fantasy world what you see is Not Always what you get. there are the heroes.. and the mundanes. Tod the Protagonist is a perfectly normal mercenary armsman style hero that has been hired to act as watch commander of a small settlements watch of four men. they didn't have a formal watch before a family disappeared. Thommie...
  2. Starting.. to Write.

    Writing this, is much easier than writing the current story I am working on. Why.. because I can start here and it feels correct. I have in my story, maybe fifteen different starts, some from a few different points of view. The current working title is: Tod's Ordinary Adventure; Payment In Faery Gold
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