My Couplet

  1. Going slow but consistent

    After finishing my course last week the amount I write daily and can stand and not rub out straight away has settled at two or three pages. I am slightly disappointed in myself as I now have the time to work on my book without distractions but I suppose my mind is now distracting me with the thoughts of having to find a job. Being slow but consistent is better than nothing I suppose...
  2. Using the old graphite encased in a woody prison with a bit of paint scratched onto mulched up and dried wood pulp

    If people pay attention to my statuses (stati) you may have noticed I have outlined and then I had some first draft blues. I'm basically one of those writers who as soon as they try to write, can't. I kept writing several pages and then thinking this is all scat and then deleted it all. I know you are supposed to keep pushing and only look back at the end but the whole point of advice like that is to make you feel like you're unable to do the simplest of tasks. My solution? Paper Pencil Jazz...
  3. I outlined today!

    So today was my free day and so I outlined my novel!!! I've never been so excited in all my life. You see I tried just writing but I always came to a dead end and had to start again. This general story has been in my head for years and now i'm getting the bare bones down I feel great!!!!!!!!
  4. KILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!(My darlings)

    After a terrible migraine yesterday that sent me back to my room when I was supposed to be in lessons (now that is rare, I don't like missing lessons becaus then you're out of two loops, one with the education, the other with your mates), I did it! I finally got rid of some characters I really didn't need but was hanging on to. That's it but its the most progress I've made in a while. You see I was desperatly trying to squeeze in characters that I liked the idea of but just weren't needed...
  5. Read it if you want!- Character interviews No.1- Lu

    So it was suggested to me to explore my characters by answering some questions but I didn't want to annoy everyone with asking about it again (It would be the fourth time), so it here for comment, which I'd greatly appreciate. This interview is with Luannanna, Luanna for short or Lu for even shorter ;) 'Proust's questionnaire'- [URL][/URL] What is your idea of perfect happiness? It would be to have a family that do not worry and that I don't have to...
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