my poetry

  1. My Angel, My Everything

    If I could be with you, I'd never ask for anything else. You're all I want and need, Everything I wish I was. You give and you give, Asking nothing in return. And there I am Watching you from afar Hoping and praying and wishing For our souls to meet. I hear your voice Whispering in my ear And my world starts to spin. With these gifts of love and kindness Filling up my very soul. Angels don't exist, they say. But then I look at you And prove them wrong. Would it be all right To tell you I...
  2. Amidst A Waking Dream

    I didn't mean to fall in love with you It wasn't supposed to be like this. But the heart wants what it wants, And to deny myself would hurt more. My heart is yours forever. Am I in the midst of a dream? For I never wish to awaken. To love you is my greatest joy; My deepest desire is your happiness. Would you love me as I am? Will you never let me go? I watch, I wait, I wonder Will our paths ever cross? Looking at you, I feel so much My world starts to spin. Then I see your smile Your eyes...
  3. Love's Caress

    Ask and I will tell you; Let my words soothe your soul. And do the same for me. No one else is like you. Cover me in kisses, my love. Understand my every word. My heart is yours and yours alone. Make me feel love's caress. I cannot do this without you; Nor should you without me. Give me your heart.
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