1. I Wanna Be a Wizard When I Grow Up! (Part 2)

    As promised, here's a brief overview of the way my school system works. The magic system in my world is elemental (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), but mages (Wielders - working name) are more like Avatar benders than energy-wielding Aes Sedai. Magic ability is inborn: there are four "nodes" around the world that emanate energy, so the people who live near each node have the chance to be born with the ability to use the related elemental magic. There are several groups and organizations that...
  2. You Can Do Maaagic!

    (I was going to hold this one until later, but I kind of need to explain it first, so that things that come later make more sense.) Ever since I read Robert Jordan's The Eye of the World in high school, I've been fascinated by elemental magic. I played D&D for a long time and also designed new material, and I came up with lots of spells and classes and such that used elemental magic of one kind or another, usually focused around a single element. The initial version of the magic system was...
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