On Writing

  1. Investigating Differences between Chapter and Scene

    In which I begin to determine what's changed between those heady days of literary writing and today's much more scene-oriented approach
  2. This Blog Thing

    It's been a while since I posted anything on here - or indeed anywhere else. No particular reason for this - just that other things have got in the way. For all those writing experts who insist that a writer should write something every day all I can say is, well that's the kind of writer (or, non-writer) that I have turned out to be. For the last year I have been a member of a writing group in my home city. It's run by a woman who is both a published novelist and a former creative writing...
  3. Feedback

    For the past three years I have attended an oil painting class at a local community education centre. Whilst I have produced some work that I am quite pleased with I don't know whether I can call myself a real painter yet. Some of my classmates pursued art studies to quite a high level in the past and most have been painting for much longer than I have. I notice that when they talk about their own work or when they comment on other's work they use a language that I don't speak. When...
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