Personal Writing

  1. Puff, Original Poem

    Puff Puff the magic dragon lives by the sea, 
 Chillin’ to rock n’ roll and puffin’ on some weed. The thick haze settles all around, 
as puff settles to watch the afternoon sun go down. Colors swirl with different combinations, 
 When Puff feels the pleasing sensations. He feels happy, and dazed, and a little bit hungry, 
 but at least he is no longer grumpy. Because a dragon is by absolutely no means, 
happy and pleasant without his weed.
  2. My Take on Acrostic Poetry of Valentine's Day

    This was a funny take on Vivian's POV from Blood and Chocolate for a Valentine's Day challenge I found online. ______________________________________ Being a loup-garou is not all its cracked up to be. Loneliness is a frequent occurrence for me. Only our kind can truly accept us they say. Only I’m to damn stubborn to be swayed that way. Damn them all for bothering me. Aden is kind, gentle, and sweet. Nothing like Gabriel Damn that dog. Chasing my tale this way and that. Hoping...
  3. Confessions of a Gleeful Dog

    Confessions of a Gleeful Dog Written By Kelsa Nicole Pellettiere The assignment is to write my confession. Write down my secrets! Everyone has secrets. I have secretes. My secrets are humiliating, hostile, and repugnant at times. My indiscretions would shock the most open-minded person. I concede to them all. I admit to having secrets, but I will not publicly confess them! That is my main confession! Not one person would see my admissions as an act of honesty. Most people would focus only...
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