Personal Writing

  1. River Rocks

    I have a secret addiction. I cannot pass by a jumble of river rocks -- those small stones gathered together and sold for landscaping purposes -- without glancing down at them and, at the risk of seeming odd to any passerby, picking up one or two that momentarily pique my interest. And I've found some intriguing ones: a small agate (not of commercial value), some fossiliferous limestone (seashells and the like that have accumulated and become incorporated into stone), a piece of...
  2. Morphine and Beer (Song)

    Verse 1: She was my first love so young and innocent then But I was playing a hand I knew I couldn't win She left me with only a lipstick kiss on the bathroom mirror Ruby Red Left me tossing and turning in this empty bed Chorus: I did her wrong Now she's long gone And I'm a lost ship at sea But the only man I can blame is me So I'm gonna finish my last cigarette and without shedding a tear I'm gonna drown my sorrows in...
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