Personal Writing

  1. Steve

    Knowing that when you die you're gone, that when you finally close your eyes all they'll ever see is black until the end of time, is enough to make a person afraid to get out of bed in the morning. So as I stood over his body, watching them pump oxygen into his dead lungs, it hurt more than it should. I felt myself cringing from the sight of his sunken eyes and the bloody tissue that surrounded his face. It felt like I was on House, and any minute some crazy doctor was going to limp in...
  2. December 25, 2009

    It was worth it. Driving all the way here on the brink of exhaustion, my faulty radio making me scream every time it went static. It was more than worth it. I lean my head against the seat and don't even try to stop the stupid smile from showing on my face. You're so beautiful, even in the dark, with just the faintest light from the moon shining in through the rear window, I can see how beautiful you are; it makes me heart hurt to look at you. I want you to touch me, but I'm too afraid to...
  3. Tristan

    I feel like I'm in that Aerosmith song. I don't want to close my eyes, even though I'm exhausted, because I don't want to waste a single second of this. Tomorrow you will be gone. I press my face to your chest and try not to cry, I don't want to cry on you, how embarrassing would that be, you already think I'm weak, I don't need you to think that with any more certainty. Then again, maybe you'd like it if I did, maybe you'd think it was proof that I really do love you. You slide your hand...
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