Personal Writing

  1. Falling to Pieces_Volume 1 - A Start within an end

    Volume 1- A start in an end. I looked into my Shiny new mirror that hung proudly in my ensuite bathroom which was also a new development – there had been a lot of new developments lately. Like the big fact that I was dead – I looked good for now, I had a small heart shaped face with round brown eyes. I used to have a tan but since the death I was a mixture of cream and roses which was better than most. I suppose I should think my life lucky and in a weird way it was. So here it was – I was...
  2. Falling To Pieces Intro to Kayley Everson (Para romance)

    Kayley Everson is like any other 18 yr old dead girl. Yes dead - She died in a tragic cheer-leading accident only a couple of months ago. Some say that when someone dies it's suprising though for Kayley waking up in a morgue was all the suprises she really needed. She had no idea that she had what the experts call excess spirit, they told her that most people couldn't use spirit and that was what had brought her back to life- well for now. So now not only is she stuck with the...
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