Personal Writing

  1. First Story

    what do you do when you realize you may actually be in love with your best friend? It's almost something that you have known for a while and you aren't really planning on ever telling them, but it’s just something that impedes you on the day to day. Like when you ask them questions about their passions, and they are almost all too willing to divulge you about their world. Their arms push up around their head and their body language mirrors yours, and all you can notice is how green their...
  2. if you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

    I am drowning myself in Symphony of Science, partly to block out the sounds from outside this room, partly because it makes me feel better. I've listened to this play list three times now, but every time a song ends, the drunk, competing voices from the party in the next room enter, so I keep starting them up again. Once upon a time I was quite good at writing. Art school has taken away my creativity; sucked it up and left me just going through the motions, trying to finish this degree....
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