Personal Writing

  1. What a busy time!

    Over the past week or so I've been on the final edit/read through of my novel meaning it'll be time to start querying soon, so that's weighing on the back of my mind. At the same time I finished a short story I'm going to edit and see if I can't sell it to a magazine. I also am 7 chapters into a novel involving the character that's in the short story. So in short, I'm busier than a three legged dog on a hot tin roof. Oh, and if that wasn't enough I simplified my wordpress blog this...
  2. A little bit of first person writing I'm playing with

    The opening line popped into my head late last night so I put it to paper and have built from there. Maybe it'll be a good story. Who knows. Some folks say sunset is the best part of the day that the mixture of colors and lighting makes it beautiful, but I don’t see that. All it looks like to me is another sign that it’s time to go to work; nothing more and nothing less. The laser pistol barely weighs more than five pounds and is eight inches long, just enough to make an outline under my...
  3. A Day In The Life Of A Writer

    I thought I'd write a blog post showing what an average day in the life of a writer was like. [URL][/URL]
  4. Writing from the Heart

    One of the things I see a lot on writing forums are beginning writers asking about characters. It seems that creating characters is challenging to those who are just starting. In reality, they’re not. The problem most people have is they don’t realize that writing comes from the heart. What do I mean by that? Well, here’s a brief explanation. I created a character named Kate over twenty years ago while I was in middle school and carried her with me until late this past fall. She was a...
  5. Copy editing your story Part 1

    This is going to be a lengthy set of blogs, so I'm going to post each in individually. A couple days ago, I completed a first edit on a hard copy of chapter one of my novel. This is what there is after edit one. The second part will cover the editing for second round, and the third part will have a closer to finished product. I, and no one has to do it my way, feel it's easier to do these things off a print out then the screen, because it allows me to see how the words aren't perfect. On...
  6. Being mean/cruel to characters

    Sometimes in a character's life or development, things need to happen that are mean and/or cruel to allow them to experience a real life. We all have suffered through mean and cruel things in our lives, which have developed us into the people we are, and the same for them. I know it sounds weird, but Kate tells me her entire life as I write her story, and it's interesting to listen to. The amount of mean things that have happened to her is simply amazing, but the character is so vivid from...
  7. Success!

    Well I just finished Die Another Day (working title only) just now and it checks in at 89.6k words. Phoenix Rising checked in at 90.1k so I'm satisfied with them both now. Time to edit PR and let DaD sit and rest. CK
  8. Inspiration and how things turn out

    As I write, and weave Kate's back story in, I, and not to toot my own horn either because I hate doing that, have started to realize how ahead of my time I was. I've read "The Hunger Games" and seen the movie, and the "games" were something, albeit with actual gladiators and teams, I thought of while in seventh grade, back in 1986. Now, they'll always be the comments that I "ripped off" Suzanne Collins and in reality it's something I've had in the head for the longest time without the skills...
  9. Finished

    Just finished my first novel at a level to be published. The feeling of accomplishment is awesome. Nothing matches the feeling on gets from finishing a novel you know is good. Now onto writing a novella to fill in the gap between this novel and it's sequel while the novel rests. 2-3 weeks from now, I'll start the editing process.
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