Personal Writing

  1. Dreams/nightmares

    I really don't know what to call them any more, they start as dreams and develop into nightmares or something else in between? At first you could be in control and little by little you lose that control. You notice it, all you have to do now is see what happens and pray you wont feel anything that's coming. You feel the fear, the pain, all the feelings. I cannot run away from it anymore, or hide. I can only take a glimpse of what is to come. Just a glimpse. Since is not the first time any...
  2. Prove Your Y - unfinished story, I was going to enter in contest

    Was going to enter this in a contest here ( little black dress ) but as usual I went over the word limit and then haven't finished, yet. I would like to expand on the theme of cowardice & masculinity but I'm not too sure if it's too obvious. Prove Your Y Out of all of them, I kept my eyes on the slimy creature in the little black dress. He/she/it’s craftier than the others. He, I’ll call him he despite his get up, came slurging down the road yesterday like a seal, but when...

    It’s cold out. But time for Pug to do his duty. He blinks big soft eyes at me as if to say, out there? Yes there. Small scoot with foot to help him out. The snow is thick. We’ve shoveled trenches from the house to the gate at the driveway. The pug paces in the trench like a solider. The walls of the trench are pee-stained. From the pug, the shitzu, the boston terrier. The pug takes his time. Then puts his face in the snow, the yellow snow, and emerges tongue out of...
  4. 3 poems - ghastly, girl landing and tender abuse

    GHASTLY To-mourn/tomorrows sulphur laden clouds dead trees black limbs filtering burned bulb of sun sick pools floating apocalyptic babies who grin, stare-stuck into forever amputated from yester-era futurepeek...hellyuh GIRL LANDING A foreign body is lovely you think finger-climbing up twin hills plunder valley cleft tangle in thicket entwine and orbit cosmic fall in reflecting -self -reflecting mark your claim watch it shift from under your grasp...
  5. Untitled Noir Revenge Piece

    * Snippet from a story I'm working on - mature subject, and some swearing. * Was going to post this in the workshop can't seem to do it - so for now I'll post it here. Comments - Critiques welcome! CHAPTER 1 September 18, 1986 Now, he wasn’t into this cloak and dagger shit, but Haider Loomis found himself at The Night Owl diner, waiting as ordered. It was past midnight. He took a smoke out of the pack he was instructed to buy, the one deviation from Salazars usual meetings...
  6. Song of Rain - Poem

    Poem I'm working on - after watching a midnight rain. Song of Rain Moonlit rain Sing down on me! Silver whispers, Gurgling sea. Quivering bells along a limb plunge into puddle rings, offsetting the dim. Each shape a cliff for trumpeting waterfall, every gutter a purling lagoon. Clothed only in rain my skin is a drum for its endless mystic tune.
  7. Fall poem that I'm working on

    So far this is just jottings that I made coming home one misty day in late November. They're relatively unconnected but I'm trying to tie them all together. Apricot moonbeam in October distills a haunting light, stirring heart whispers of things that only a jack-o-lantern with his savage grin can comprehend. Grapevines are hair-netted after last leaf has dropped. Pink clouds shoulder the sun to bed. Mists obscure a violet escarpment. A bonfire in the distance curls it’s...
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