Personal Writing

  1. Legend of Larterra: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: Asmara I honestly can’t believe I am finding it difficult to find something to read. In a library that has over one hundred bookshelves filled with thousands and thousands of books, ranging from romantic poetry to our theories about the stars, you would think I could find something that piques my interest. Unfortunately, I am in a rather picky mood today and cannot seem to find one topic that inflames a spark of excitement in the brain. I think I have actually circled the...
  2. Legends of Larterra : Prologue

    It’s dark. You can’t see the sun anymore. There are not even clouds in reality; it’s all just a dark bloody crimson that covers the sky above us. You won’t see any plants either. No trees, no grass, no flowers, nothing green in sight. Thorns and weeds took over the earth, making it nearly impossible to walk the surface. I haven’t seen it in over 400 years, I won’t leave the underground. It’s not safe. The Fairies will keep me safe. I’ll keep telling myself that, though as their...
  3. Legends of Larterra: Back oif the Book.

    Larterra had been a place of peace for centuries, until a powerful Warlock, Crevan, becomes envious of his older brother Rian for his ascension to the throne and for winning the heart of his one true love, the beautiful and compassionate Soarise. Swearing revenge on Rian, he waits 30 years until Rian becomes ill and parishes. With a kingdom mourning their king, Crevan becomes prepared to attack and take over the throne. But when an ancient Guardian, Nicklaus, returns to Larterra, Crevan’s...
  4. Back of the Book

    My name is Kimberly. I've had this amazing story in my head for years and never put it down on paper. But I've pushed myself recently to get some of it on paper and get the story out there. This is an amazing fantasy story with a wide variety of mystical creatures, myths and ideas along with in depth characters and connections. I really hope to intrigue the readers and give them something they've never experienced before. In order to get readers however, I need them to know what they...
  5. Legend of Larterra

    New novel I'm starting. I have an official blog here please read and share! [URL][/URL]
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