1. Ash - Your Grave

    Your Grave I sit here on the cold ground looking at your grave You were just another victim Of the monster inside me You said that I wasn't person but that I was an honorable one You tried to show me how to control the monster inside me You probably won't be proud of my actions during this war With these blades that I hold I will destroy any who stand in my way I am not a good person But I will bean honorable one I will carve out a piece of this world Where people...
  2. Si - Nightmare

    Nightmare Si sits in the corner of her cell Surrounded by complete darkness All she can see is the door The one that lets them in They appear human, but they aren't She knows what they really are They are monsters that will hurt her Make her bleed and cry again The young child hears a noise She looks up, expecting the worst Instead she sees a crimson eyed boy Who seems at home in the darkness Suddenly the teenaged Si sits up The memories haunting her again She looks...
  3. Ares - Path of Blood

    Path of Blood His feet splash with every step In the sickly stream of blood But for Ares this is the only path That could lead to salvation His crimson eyes glide back and forth Watching the ghost-like figures That stand on both sides of the stream The ones who have fallen to him Some see Ares as a hero The one that gives them hope To others he is a demon A man who kills all in his way Ares knows that he is both He is a monster and a savior The destoyer of the old ways...
  4. To My Phoenix

    To My Phoenix I don't know why you fell for me you say I'm special but I'm not so sure when the others see me they look with scorn but when you see me you look with love you see the little girl the one that is afraid so she lashes out to keep others far away I want you back back by my side I was a fool I was blind I didn't see the love that you had on our last day I saw your soul it burned the sky and went to the heavens your body fell back no strength...
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