1. Enchanting Eloquence

    Enchanting Eloquence Melody of your song, this madness between us, can't be right or wrong. Captured by desire, your notes take me higher. Lovely darling, sparks ignite our fire. Prisoner of passion, delights of the flesh, Enchanting Eloquence, your a answer must be, Yes! Notes From The Author: Writen based on Phantom of the Opera @copyright 2005 Jewels In Autumn
  2. Sea Captain

    You were not, My knight in Shinning Armour, who came to save my day! nor my Sea Captain, in a long drama play. You were just my midnight lover, who whispered your writings into my soul. changing playful visions into gold. Every word we said was meaningful, hidden deep within the heart. Your life was shortened, Way to soon to part. You tempted my intellect Together we set our words to flight Filling your empty moments. my kiss your atonement. Upon a rocky sea, we sailed...
  3. Black Pearls

    Your present, excitedly accepted. The seduction of black pearls. Mysterious they are, opulence in beauty. Dangling about my neck, content. Memory grasp for your words, when, they were given. "Different, just like you love" Black Pearls. Worn many a time, on many occasions, Sophisticated by nature. Nested now, in a black velvet box Retired, with the memories..... Perhaps, too different, to stand the test of time.
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