1. Aqua Vitae from WolfSinger Publications

    Jenes Inarya wants to experience everything, and quite frankly, she doesn't think she can live life to the fullest in the time she's been allotted. A search through lore and legend from the Eight Immortals of Chinese myth to the Garden of Eden finally leads her to what she seeks--across the galaxy, to the planet of Arak. By eating food prepared from Arak's immortal plants, Jenes can alter her metabolism and gain eternal life. In her case, it’s a cup of palm wine. A real aqua vitae. But the...
  2. Fantastique Unfettered

    My fantasy story "Every Mother's Child" appears in Fantastique Unfettered's second issue. “So what do you think?” I asked when I had finished. “If you’re right, it’s no wonder people don’t last long down here. Every mother’s child has to show how they feel sometimes—and Astet’s Mercy, in a place like this, I imagine you must feel a lot.” Some people, facing death, do get emotional. But not most swordsellers. I was surprised at Rathin. “Not me.” I turned on my side. “But then, I’m no...
  3. Anthology Builder Featured Author--March

    For the month of March I am a featured writer on AnthologyBuilder, which means any anthology including at least one of my stories is $1 off. I have a short-story collection available there, but the offer works on any anthology. I have 21 stories on the site, including reprints from Every Day Fiction, MindFlights, Kaleidotrope, and the Lorelei Signal.
  4. "Sorceress of Avalo" reprinted in Sorcerous Signals

    "The Sorceress of Avalo" has reappeared, this time in the Nov-Jan '10 issue of Sorcerous Signals. And with cover art! Editor Carol Hightshoe's summary: Every few years, the priests of Ilnar send a warrior to the Sorceress of Avalo to have her read the omens—however, the sorceress demands an unusual price for her services. The artwork is by Lee Kuruganti. All stories in Sorcerous Signals also appear in the print magazine, Mystic Signals, so you can also find "Sorceress" in Mystic...
  5. All About Eve anthology

    My short story "How the Woman Brought Death" will be one of the 17 stories in the new anthology All About Eve from Wolfsinger Publications. In this retelling, the sin that resulted in the first woman (and man) being cast from the Garden was not giving in to temptation, but resisting it--and fighting back. The woman quickly realizes that nothing good can come out of violence, but can she convince the rest of the rapidly growing human family of the truth?
  6. "Goldenseed" on AnthologyBuilder

    "Goldenseed" is now available on the POD anthology-building website.
  7. Reprints at Anthology Builder

    The Void Test, The Wayab's Tower, The Wall, and Fortune Cookie are all available now on AnthologyBuilder.
  8. Sword and Sorceress 24

    "Lord Shashensa" to Sword and Sorceress 24 (November 15, 2009). Available at Amazon, Powell's Books, or Barnes & Noble. Surrounded by the invading Dhoth, with her fields burned and winter coming, Treseda Nudoath finds herself taking refuge in dreams, dreams which are comforting but useless. Or are they? An interview with Jonathan Moeller can be found here or here (it's the same interview, different sites. By the way, Moeller's blogs are pretty entertaining even when it's not a Friday...
  9. Champagne Shivers

    "So Cold My Blood Freezes," to Champagne Shivers (Feb 2010). “Tom’s late,” Marinne said, staring out the snow-dusted window of the cabin. “Town’s not that far away. He should’ve been back by sunset.” “The storm must have caught him,” her mother cackled. She gave the floor before her rocker a good stomp, sending her chair creaking back and forth beside the stove. “It blew over hours ago.” “It must have really caught him.” As my sister says, 'the important thing is keeping...
  10. Bards & Sages Quarterly, and a few updates

    "Silver Chests and Plain Sight" will appear in Bards and Sages Quarterly (January, 2010). Mother Derian is searching for the Grail, an ancient artifact with healing powers that was siezed during an attack on the priests carrying it home to the Holy Palace of the Church. She never expected to find it hidden in plain sight. And her troubles are only beginning when she tries to steal it back... My short story "The Void Test" is available in MindFlights print issue #4, edited by Kristal...
  11. Kaleidotrope (2x!), M-BRANE, Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine

    January 2009 is fast becoming one of the best months in my career. :D Print/.PDF-- "Mother" to M-BRANE SF (Issue #4, May 2009). My summary for this one is: The AI of a refugee ship carrying only children is very...mothering. Chris Fletcher, M-BRANE's editor, has more to say: I dig stories about new and different kinds of families, and this next one is certainly one of those. The bizarre and rather creepy circumstances of these characters are depicted with great sensitivity and...
  12. May 27, 2008

    Two in one day! What a whammy! :D I'll add links as soon as I get them. Online-- 'The Opening' to Raven Electrick (April/May 2009) A choice of betrayal. Print-- 'Fortune Cookie' to Kaleidotrope (October 2008 edition) Celestia Munroe learns a few things about life after her first date with an alien. Reviews: Rich Horton's summary of Issue #5 calls it "sweet short piece about a potential love affair with an alien". Bill Ward's review says this "surreal conversation piece...has...
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