1. Progress of Russo - Day 2

    The story still sits at 80 words, but I gave into my want to start yet another story. This one, however, is 551 words. Still obviously just a start, but at least I'm getting somewhere with this one. Previous story word count : 80 New story word count : 551 My goal is to continue with the newer story.
  2. Progress of Russo - Day 1

    As I look at my new story, I see that I have gotten no where. 80 words, 1 paragraph. I accepted the challenge to write 10k words a day... that was a week ago. I still have 80 words. I was supposed to have 50k written in a week. Day 1 for note-taking, day 2-6 for writing and day 7 for editing. Have I done that? No. So what's my problem here? Lack of motivation? Writers block? I have this story started but can't help thinking of another story to start. I do that a lot... start something and...
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