1. Dead trees!

    I used Draft2Digital to expand the publication of my novel, and that included a print version. The process was simple, and while the interior layout isn't perfect (there are a few random page breaks that I don't know where they came from), the general result is excellent. I'm excited about it. It's strange to hold a book in my hand that has my name on it (see the Gallery tab on this post).
  2. FEAR

    Fear is a desperate leaf that holds onto a twig when caught in a raging storm. Its presence is like a gloom, a melancholy feeling, it fills the room with a poisonous mist that curdles the blood. Its voice is like an eerie echo in the ear, like the sound of a hollow tube. It waits around the corner like a patient crook ready to cause doom, you could hear its stomach growling; and its you it wants to consume. It teases you, sometimes it leaves you, disappears out of sight. It lets you to leave...
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