Religion discussions

  1. The Hebraic god was something completely unprecedented

    I don't have a lot to say about this, and I considered just adding it to the Hodgepodge thread, but I thought it should have its own entry. As I covered in a few earlier entries: The symbolic meaning of Lokiā€”the dangerous narcissist within us all Loki is Fire, and bears similarities with Prometheus The gods are abstracted human traits The pagan gods were representatives of the forces of nature, both inner and outer. By which I mean the forces of the storm and lightning etc, and the forces...
  2. "You're not the master of your own house" (your own mind)

    Psychologically, there are sub-personalities living in the unconscious that can take control, that have an independent autonomous character and are not at all subject to your will. In fact many times you're subject to theirs.
  3. Satanism: Facts not fictions

    Satanism, whatever you call it, a religion, philosophy, or however you value it, great, moderate or crap, is surrounded with lies, myths, misconceptions and most of all fears. All of these things have only one cause, which is lack of knowledge. All imaginations like Satanists are child killers, rapists, mad men, or any of those myths, though completely wrong, believed by most of people, are myths that only people can believe them who know absolutely nothing about this way of life. One of...
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