1. ..All A Waste..

    What do you have to do to be immortalized in someones permanent record? Do you think it matters whether we have been in someones presence 6 minutes or 6 Years? Everyone seems to be looking at the same clock but we are rarely in the same time zone. It doesn't seem like people genuinely take the time to get to know people anymore. we fill the silence with empty conversation and avoid the difficult conversation because we can't control the response. That's what Life seems to be about anymore;...
  2. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

    I went into buying this game because I was mildly (and by mildly, I mean seriously) addicted to Final Fantasy VII. It was the whole reason I started writing! It was, technically, the first story I ever expanded on in Fan Fiction. I was absorbed into the amazing details of the story, and how great the characters were and their personalities. I wasn't completely an "nerd." I didn't cry when Aerith died, though I did end up replaying it several times to try and find a why to bring her back. She...
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