1. Tweety Case

    Got around to watching Netflix's "Bird Box" last night. It felt like the sort of thing Stephen King pops out on a Saturday afternoon when Tabitha is on his ass about cleaning the gutters. "Honey, they say it's supposed to rain this week, could you-" "Tabby, I told you, I've got a great idea going, don't want to lose my train of thought. Call that neighbor kid, what's his name, Dusty? Cody?" "It's Dakota, hon, but his mom says-" His hip was aching again. What the fuck am I doing sitting...
  2. Io Sucks

    Io, on Netflix. Painful painful painful awful fucking shitty horrible piece of crap, the writer(s) should have their everything revoked. I'm not going to spoiler-wrap this because I want to save you from the movie, dammit. First ten seconds or whatever, "Some people say it was the pollution, I call it human nature." "sending ships to other planets to harvest their geothermal energy." You what?!? No, I don't care about the terminology, but Earth isn't short on geothermal energy last I...
  3. From the Earth to the Other One

    I saw First Man today, and I'm kind of overwhelmed with thoughts. First, kudos to Ryan Phillipe Reynolds Gosling for successfully playing a block of wood. And that's not a criticism. I've read a bit about Neil Armstrong, and part of NASA's selection process was to find the most boring person they could to take the most important first step in human history. Fuck Columbus, it was already occupied. I love Buzz Aldrin, but NASA didn't want that. Armstrong (would he have had a shot if...
  4. "Hereditary" Movie Review (no spoilers)

    I just got back from Hereditary. No spoilers, but I found this movie very enjoyable in the classic horror sense of things. There are a couple scenes involving a cell phone, but they don't need to be there, and the rest of the movie could have been done anytime in the last forty or fifty years. That's a compliment, if you enjoy films like The Exorcist and The Omen, you may enjoy this film. There are no wisecracking evil menaces, no terrified teenagers in swimsuits or underwear, and no...
  5. Book Review: Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel

    Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel This is what Douglas Coupland would write if he were a better writer. That's not to say that he's not a good writer, in fact, I think he's a very good one, but when I read this, I couldn't help but compare it with some of his work, and the comparison didn't come out well. Perhaps it's just the Canadian thing, although most of it takes place in the US, the book starts in Toronto, and it has a certain Canadian feel to it, at least to my eyes, but it...
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