1. Heart of Star Snippet 1.5

    She found Tak’s shuttle near the edge of the camp. Tak was a plump man with knobby features and unkempt hair. His eyes widened above his puffy cheeked smile as he saw Andromeda approach. “Ande’ my dear! I’m so glad you made it, how has that lattice I made for you been working?” Ande’, as she was called by her friends, smiled but said nothing as she approached. She ducked under the canopy and proceeded behind counter littered with various tools of the man’s trade. She plopped a...
  2. Heart of Star Snippet 3

    Andromeda looked above her. The subspace currents were outlined in her goggles, revealing one saving opportunity. “There's a stray current four meters above us,” she shouted to Daniel, even though he could have heard her whisper, “It'll carry us right at Hawkens if we can catch it. On my mark I want you to cut defensive shielding and put all the fields from my suit into catching that current!” Andromeda couldn’t afford to lose this match. She didn't wait for Daniel to reply. She...
  3. Heart of Star Snippet 2

    “How’s the weather Daniel,” Andromeda spoke into the air as she continued on. “The space currents are strong today, and blustery, you can probably generate a de-atomizing field of fifteen percent before you start to get pulled by the tachyon currents,” came the reply of her A.I. that only she could hear. “It must be very blustery; I’ve notice you’ve been having trouble maintaining a steady gravity sim’. This is going to make flying and fighting at the same time tricky,” she commented...
  4. Heart of Star Snippet

    These still need a lot of work but I'll make some edit them up soon: Ande streaked over a mountain range surfing through the air at breakneck speed as she was propelled by the currents that billowed against her two tachyon fields. She spotted her target as she rounded a tall spire of stone that stood above the ridge like a watchtower. Down on a level field on the planets surface a flurry of activity was taking place. As she approached she could make out the shapes of a variety of...
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