1. Many sci-fi monsters are a continuation of mythological monsters

    What I mean is that they're chimerae or hybrids, symbolic combinations of various animals, sometimes fused with the human. In mythology they were often represented very simply as two different species merged at the waist—Centaurs, Mermaids etc. Or sometimes many different beasts merged, as in Griffins. It means the monster has the specific properties of the various creatures represented—the fierceness of the lion for instance, with the venemous sting of a scorpion, plus wings to fly with....
  2. No fires please

    Hello, I am an older retired person so now I have time to chase a dream. I’ve just finished my first book, likely to long, now I have to learn what lol is next. I have no formal education in any kind of writing venues. But I want to be a paperback writer. My book is in the sci-fi, fantasy genre target is humans above age 15? Well ok androids and robots can read it to. Unpublished author, wants to sell book, make tons of money, any questions?
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