1. In Strange Company

    I am new to writing and so the full spectrum of the creative process eludes me. I am far from strict in my approach. Whatever I may fancy of myself, creativity remains a mystery and a discipline and humility is required to achieve the best result. In this I am deficient. I try to do what I find most rewarding, omitting much and stumbling in to objects of contemplation by habit and the fortune of error. For me, Horror is an entirely unexplored country. The most unfamiliar of landscapes,...
  2. Writing Horror as Therapy

    I have never been someone who has read or written a great deal of horror fiction. Nor was I the kind of person who would watch scary movies, even from behind the sofa. It is therefore a strange turn of events to find myself interested in writing horror. The journey to the state of mind is not driven by mere impulse, but by an accumulation of experiences that have made it both possible and necessary. I have a very long history of severe depression with over ten years of fluctuating moods....
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