The century

  1. The Rise of French - Le Siècle

    Could French become again the first world language? The issue is old, it goes back to the end of World War Two where Yalta devoted English as the World Language. In 2016, a French think-tank (not quite, summarized them as a group of bank influencer) Natixis have published a study where a population projection put French as the most spoken language. From this point, a lot of issues have waved the international community, the point was: Could French become again the world leading language?...
  2. Introduction - Le siècle

    When it’s question of geopolitical or international relation, everybody is lost. There is too many factors, too many concept which collide. Between the history, the economy, the religious interrogation, the power issues and the strategic debates, understanding the century is a tough question. The world is changing was singing Bob Dylan before my birth. It’s still does today (but I’m not sure about Bob Dylan singing). And to be aware of the modification of the map. We need to keep an eyes on...
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