1. I need help deciding on a place for a pack of werwolves

    I need help deciding on where and what area or town on the west coast could be preferably close to what I need for the pack land in the werewolf book I am writing . Any help is very appreciated and accepted . so here it is what is needed exactly : 1). west coast town 2). a small town at least 30 mins from any small city were they would have the necessities like a mall or fancy restaurants and of course humans would be here but not in the werewolf town 3). in this small town I'd like to...
  2. Happy Independence Day

    I put down Middlemarch temporarily. I’ve read like three other books since I started it; there are ~100 pages left, but I’ve taken up Main Street by Sinclair Lewis in the meantime. Reading an American novel is like a breath of fresh air. Happy Independence day, everyone. Fittingly, I am reenacting the American Revolution through my reading choices, and as in a mystery play entering into and partaking of that eternal moment; in a mystical recapitulation of it i am declaring my own...
  3. Twilight?

    Okay, so I've heard all the hype about the Twilight book series but I really don't understand all the excitement. Seems to me that the most enthusiastic fans are just girls swooning over whatshisname. Sure, that's what girls do (not all girls, mind you, but a lot), but I really don't understand why it is so popular! I haven't read the books. I have absolutely no desire to. But from reading the posts on this website about the series, it would appear they are not even well written. Is...

    I love this place! The moderators and site owner have done a great job in making it a friendly and enjoyable environment, so thanks! Thanks from Sonshine! :)
  5. Highway

    I'm sitting here watching the highway of life. I can see all the people pass by with their problems and promises. Nobody is the same, but everybody is held together by their diversity. In truth I feel apart from them, because I am the only one watching; I am the only one on the outside. Quietly I ponder the many who pass, the young, the old, the strong, the weak. I think to myself "I am so glad I am not a part of the menagerie: the medly of failures and disappointments we call life." But I...
  6. Footprints

    The things we do in life leave footprints in the sands of time... atleast until the wind blows.
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