1. Hubert Dreyfus lecture series on Homer's Odyssey

    In which I tag along with Odysseus on his little jaunt around the harbor. Feel free to join us if you want.
  2. A Slow Start

    So this first entry is going to be a little warm-up. everyone always wantd to rush into things right? I've learned my lesson the hard way with that. so focused on the end-game then the actual journey itself. life is about getting to know things. I know as a child for me I had the feeling of constantly being rushed. everything needed to get done on someone elses time. racing against a clock that never stops. We live in a world that never stops. We never have the same moment Twice. even if its...
  3. Albert Camus's quotes

    If you ask most people who was the person who left us greatest quotes of all times, and reading his quotes will be a good lesson of wisdom, well, westerners may say Churchill, Iranians Saadi, or maybe Confucius, Budha... But I say: Albert Camus! Each of his quotes is a world of wisdom, an ocean of greatness, and you can see a lot of truth in a single sentence. Here are some of them: “Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me...
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