Word of the Day

  1. Tribulation

    Word of the Day tribulation ------------- Definition: (noun) An annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event. Synonyms: trial, visitation Usage: His own long and unhappy experience had convinced him that life is for the most part a painful tribulation. TheFreeDictionary.com
  2. Unflappabe

    Word of the Day unflappable --------------------------------- Definition: (adjective) Persistently calm, whether when facing difficulties or experiencing success; not easily upset or excited. Synonyms: imperturbable Usage: Professional life-savers need to be calm and unflappable. TheFreeDictionary.com
  3. Junket

    Word of the Day junket ------------ Definition: (noun) A journey taken for pleasure. Synonyms: excursion, expedition, jaunt, outing, pleasure trip, sashay Usage: George, taking out his wife to a new jaunt or junket every night, was quite pleased with himself as usual, and swore he was becoming quite a domestic character TheFreeDictionary.com
  4. Word of the Day

    Word of the Day discursive --------------- Definition: (adjective) (Of e.g. speech and writing) tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects. Synonyms: digressive, excursive, rambling Usage: As a rule, her conversation, though pleasing, was discursive and lacked central motive, but one morning she had genuine news to impart.
  5. Word of the Day

    Word of the Day rollicking -------------------- Definition: (adjective) Carefree and high-spirited; boisterous. Synonyms: coltish, frolicky, frolicsome, sportive Usage: There was something so infectious in the rollicking tunes which Captain Jim played that very soon Marshall Elliott's feet began to twitch.
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