writing help

  1. I need help deciding on a place for a pack of werwolves

    I need help deciding on where and what area or town on the west coast could be preferably close to what I need for the pack land in the werewolf book I am writing . Any help is very appreciated and accepted . so here it is what is needed exactly : 1). west coast town 2). a small town at least 30 mins from any small city were they would have the necessities like a mall or fancy restaurants and of course humans would be here but not in the werewolf town 3). in this small town I'd like to...
  2. Writing help/references?

    I'm trying to write an MC who had an amputation of either her hand or below the elbow. This is a fantasy world and she's in hiding (in a cave in a mountain but not alone- those with her have complex survival tactics) and wouldn't have access to immediate medical treatment. I'm trying to decide what happened that causes her to get it amputated, how it would be amputated, and could she survive as a child going through this? I was thinking either it gets stuck and circulation is completely lost...
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