If a flamingo gets in your yard

By Louanne Learning · Feb 8, 2024 · ·
  1. If a flamingo gets in your yard

    If a flamingo gets in your yard, don’t shoo it away. There’s no need to fear. Cautiously approach, and take some time to really notice it. Pink is a comforting colour, after all. There’s an elegance in their long necks and long legs. Appreciate how it is formed. If there are two flamingos, even better. When the two of them get together, beak to beak, and breast and breast, they make a heart, and we all know what that means.

    If a flamingo gets in your yard, take a moment to consider what those yellow eyes have seen. We all have our past, and this goes for flamingos, too. Creation is a mysterious process, and development is subject to chance. You have met the flamingo on the road of life, and whether the meeting will be meaningful is up to you. Do not bypass an opportunity.

    If a flamingo gets in your yard, consider yourself fortunate. Flamingos can’t be everywhere all at once, and this one chose to come to your place. Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, they walked into yours. Wonders never cease! You just never know where they’ll turn up. They’ve even been spotted in Pennsylvania. So be prepared for the unexpected.

    What would life be without surprise? A world without flamingos appearing out of the blue would be a poorer version of itself.

    So, if a flamingo gets in your yard, learn the language. A squawk is not always a squawk. They may be saying, I hope I have made an impression.

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    Louanne Learning
    Just a regular gal with a lot of questions seeking answers.
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  1. Madman
    Made me remember a member on this forum and a story of theirs that I critiqued. It made me think on where that member may be now, and if they're still writing. One could equal the thoughts to your reflection here.
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  2. Louanne Learning
    Lol, I guess it reads strange. I have a glass flamingo on a stick in my garden. It has a solar cell on the stick so it lights up at night. I was outside yesterday, and looked at it, and thought "I have a flamingo in my yard." That caught my imagination, and I thought, "That's an idea." Then I thought, "anything can be an idea - even a flamingo." So I wrote this up using flamingo as a metaphor for "idea." It was just a bit of fun.
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    1. ps102
      It reads a bit like a poem. It's nice.
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  3. Louanne Learning
    Thank you! Today, I ma going to start my entry for the Flash Frenzy over at WF.com. I hope some flamingos fly my way!
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