Looking into the Creation of the MCU

By Xoic · Feb 7, 2024 · ·

  1. Don't be put off by the name of the channel (It Was a Sh*t Show)—this guy actually does a deep dive into the making of various movies, and he's extremely fair in his reporting. I think the name is mostly clickbait, though when you look deep enough, the making of most movies really is a shit show, even the ones that come out excellent. It's basically a miracle when Hollywood is able to make a good movie. He gives plenty of praise where it's due, and Marvel deserves a lot up to a certain point. I'm about halfway through this video so far, and I'm lovin' it.

    What the hell, I'll go ahead and take a chance—post the other two as well:


  1. Xoic
    "The big danger of The Avengers was just getting overwhelmed with action. And we knew there'd be plenty of that. But the most interesting thing about the Avengers is why in the world are all these people in the same room together, and what would they do? And Joss Whedon showed that the character would not get lost amid all the spectacle."—Kevin Fiege, @ 18:47 of the second clip above.

    Oh hell yeah, doing great action without losing focus on the also excellent characters and drama—that's pretty much Whedon's trademark, at least in Buffy. I think he also did it well in Angel, though I don't remember it nearly as well. And I haven't seen any of his other offerings.
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