3 Bad Poems.

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I never ever wrote poems in my life. These just got in my head. I wrote these more than a year ago:

Love is Happiness.

Walk over the sandy beaches, peace and quite...
Sit at sundown, walk beneath the rain.
Feel the world surround you, that you’re not the only one...
That's having this unforgettable night, in peace and quite...
Modern things can lift your mood like the sun, but they are
extra things that make you happy but the true power...

is love, and love itself can make you happy.

Faith and Will

Faith and will...
these are the humans senses.
The one's and only points of being scared but having strength to
do something astonishing or surprising.

Even if it takes life, you try your hardest.
Sometimes it is impossible, uncontrollable...
You let your anger out, but your will is strong enough to suppress it.
That is the true path of a gentle person.

The one who controls his anger.
The one who loves life.
The one who seeks true peace for his soul.

As thou his life depends on it, nothing in the world can stop that man...
Even death itself cannot stop him, as he can continue his journey
after death, and shall God help him enlighten his path...
of freedom, peace and faith.


You drift off, you feel light and soft
You're as light as a feather, flying aloft
You feel the breeze on your skin, you passed lives test.
You're in heaven now, where the angels rest

You think you're dreaming, but it's all so real
A bright light hits you, with a great emotion to feel.
You open your eyes, and see the light distant clouds
of white and yellow, they're hovering there, like the dust in the sky.

Rest easy, you're in heaven now
Here you hover while your mind lets go, and the past comes together.
Heaven will make sure you're safe.

Please be harsh, tell me how I need to add some similes, metaphors and most if it doesn't rhyme.:)
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