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A Meager Novice. Begin with a single step.

Published by SupposedPolecat in the blog SupposedPolecat's blog. Views: 122

Writing is a powerful weapon, an unique tool, and a form of expression. Many people use writing in everyday life to create an income so that they may eat and enjoy many of life's pleasantries. Many people use writing and receive nothing for it.
I do not want to be either type of person. I want to, instead, use my craft to change and create.

That is my final goal with a long journey ahead of it.

Currently I am a meager novice with a strong passion to hone my literary sword into a master's weapon.

With that being said, I understand that one does not learn great skills over night. Much practice and patience will be needed. The task of discipline will be given to no one but myself.

The most important lessons, however, will come from those of you I meet along my way. I hope that during our time together we will be able to to improve one another's weaknesses while drawing out their strengths.

All great journeys begin with a single step. I hope many of you will walk with me.
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