ChimmyBear Aug 26, 2009
You know Braska, you have to find who are and enjoy being that person. When we are out living, we can get ourselves into a fix. It's how we handle those situations that makes the difference.
I had a close friend tell me once, "Robin, you can't do everything." It hit a nerve, I do have a lot of hobbies, and I am always looking for the next "thrill". But I have learned that to be happy means being "ME". If being me means writing, photography, singing, wedding planning, playing piano and guitar, studying Astrology, traveling, learning new languages ( my next project), then I am happy. Anything else just wont do. I have met with disaster for it, but I have overcome those hard times, as well. We take the highs and the lows, knowing we are better for the chance to live and enjoy this life we are given. ;)