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bad poetry, oh noetry (unfinished songs without melodies)

Published by 67Kangaroos in the blog 67Kangaroos's blog. Views: 155

Touch, feel, nothing’s real
The world around is crashing down
Drink, taste, a virgin wine
You’re breaking, falling to the ground

Rose tint won’t let you see -the color red beyond
Take them off, look with your eyes - see the world for what it is

Run, run, far from here
Fast as fury from the scene
Hide, hide away somewhere
A place where you can feel serene

You can run and you can hide
But why not stay here with me?
You can pretend it’s all ‘okay’
Or you can come and see
The real, real world

Untitled 2

These emotions
Always inside
You’re bringing them up

These feelings
So deep down
You’re pulling them out

Rip apart my misperception
Take away the mask I wear
Vulnerable in front of you now
Naked where I stand

I could smile
I could cry
You’d stay even still

I could scream
I could die
You won’t run away

Rip apart my misperception
Take away the mask I wear
Vulnerable in front of you
Naked where I stand

Untitled 3
Slip again into the slumber
Gently let it all engulf
The world fades away like a blur
Fantasy will win once more

Let the dreams consume
Spirit you away
To where love is real

And if you can breathe
Let it fill you up
Never die again

Visions reveries...

A feeling so intensely real
Like a miracle today
Listen closely, hear it clearly
The sound calling you to me
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