Bad timing, or just bad luck?

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A bit of both i'd say.

So next week, i'm spending a week at my boyfriends univeristy and we'll be celebrating Valentines day on monday as opposed to saturday, because he has to be at a wedding.

Not only has that DREADFUL time of the month arrived smack bang on the week i'm supposed to be seeing him, but i've gone and somehow given myself Impetigo.

Ugh. So, I'm spotty, moody, angry, bloated to the resemblance of a toad, and I now have scabby patches on my cheeks. Plus the roots of my hair are coming through and I have no bloody clothes to wear, or shoes. I'm a mess.

I've missed the best part of two weeks of school because my face looks awful and I cant wear makeup to cover it because I need to let it heal, and *apparently* it's highly contagous.

(LOL -It was actually bad excema as a result of stress. How funny)

Luckily it's going down now so hopefully i wont look too frightful. I just cannot believe my luck. Or lack of good luck atleast.

My mood swings are awfull at the best of times, so they're terrible right now. I'm pretty much ready to kill.

Whether that be an unlucky victim or myself right now is another matter entirely.
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