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Blind Sided.

Published by CarolineSavage in the blog CarolineSavage's blog. Views: 173

So today I made a guidance appointment with my guidance counselor, I got in her office and sat down I started to discuss with her some of my relationship problems and she told me that I don't always need to be so focused on men, life is about having fun and enjoying every minute of it not dressing up every weekend to go find a man, I then told her about Valentines day and how I am not looking forward to it because i'm single and she said why be bummed about that when I was your age me and my girlfriends would all go out for dinner and celebrate. When she told me all of this it really opened my eyes and made me realize my hole life has been about men, its not necessary to always have a man by your side I've never just been single and not looked for a man. It felt like i had a blind fold on and she took it of, i felt relieved and happy. Ladies you don't need to be sad and kiss the ground your boyfriend/husband walks on you are so much stronger then that.
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