Chapter 41 snippet (all new writing)

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The sounds of the forest surrounded her. Listening to the creatures around her, Kate stopped walking. How did she end up back here, in the forests of Ireland? Her last memory was of getting beaten on Ferini’s ship, so what was happening?

Why am I reliving events from my life? She wondered, walking again.

“It’s because we need to talk,”

Whirling around to see Brown, she placed her hands on her hips. Why was it that she always showed up at the weirdest times, she wondered. It had to be a symptom of her losing her mind, and that was all there was to it.

“Why are we back here?” she asked.

“Because there is something to be learned from this,” Brown said. “Something about yourself.”

A clearing materialized around them. One single glance told Kate it was where she eliminated the missile company. If Brown wanted to teach her something, she mused, then why was she showing her some of the worst moments of her life?

“What is there to be learned?” she asked her. “That I was an arrogant buffoon who nearly got herself killed?”

“While you’re not afraid to criticize yourself,” Brown said. “You miss the main point about yourself.”

“Which is?”


The events happened even faster then she remembered them. From the moment she slipped out of the trees, until the camp was dead took a matter of minutes. Yet it seemed like it took an hour, she thought, shuddering.

“Events are moving at their normal speed,” Brown said. “If you’re wondering.”

“Why are you showing me this?”

“Because what do you think is your biggest weakness?”

What was her biggest weakness? She had to be kidding to be asking that, Kate wondered. To answer that question, she would be here for hours listing all her weaknesses.

Sometimes, she wondered if she really was ‘destined’ to do anything. Who would want someone to save the galaxy that is a former gladiator slave? With her background, how in the hell could she be the chosen one?

“My temper,” she said finally.

“Close,” Brown said. “Very close, but its your love of killing.”
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