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Most kids these days will never read more than 3 classic books. Due to the repetitive theme of an animal dies at the end, a important life lesson is learned, and stuff like that. When I was a kid, (Still Am) I hated classics. I don't really like them much now days, but I will not object to picking one up and reading it. Here are some classic books that kids these days might actually enjoy, these were some of my favorites! (For all of these books, I reccomend the Treasury of Illustrated Classics.)

1.Tom Sawyer- I am particularly envious of Tom Sawyers life style. All the freedom he had and the things he was able to do made me want to be just like him. Mark Twains story depicts a young boy and his friends who hang out, and they play games, go exploring, and run away. Many reluctant readers will enjoy Tom Sawyer, and many kids will want to be just like him. I know I did when I read Tom Sawyer!

2.Robin Hood- Everyone knows the tale of Robin Hood, the famed outlaw who lives in Sherwood forest that steals from the rich and gives to the poor. But the book is filled with wild tales about Little John, Sherrif Nottingham, and of course, Robin. I highly reccomend this, as your kids will probably enjoy the stories of Robin Hood.

3.Sherlock Homes- While the regular Sherlock Homes is far to big for any kid to ever read, the Treasury of Illustrated Classics has a Sherlock Homes book with 3 of Sherlock's most successful cases. The Speckled Band, The Red-Headed League, and The Copper Beaches. Each story is highly exciting as you try and solve the case with Sherlock and Dr.Watson. A bit of a warning although, the Speckled Band may be a tad scary! Other than that, its a wonderful book!

Thanks for reading, I'm going to try posting blogs about my life, my relationship, my problems, book, and a bunch of random stuff!

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