Crazy, Stupid, Love

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About 10 hours ago saw the movie Crazy Stupid Love with my wife. I loved it. She thought it was "okay" - no passion - no hate - no "it really affected me." And that's fine I suppose - but sometimes you want a ROMCOM to stir something. Maybe a conversation - an argument - a crying jag - a laughing binge.

But nothing.

"It was okay."

The movie did have great dialogue and took a different approach to love - it reminded me of another film I really liked: Love, Actually. It worked for me very much. I had tears in my eyes by the end - but laughed in plenty of places too.

My wife is a wonderful mother to our three kids, and she is bright, well read, a great stalwart - but for those times - like now - it's tough realizing that you are a demonstrative romantic and even after (especially?) after 33 years of marriage that your spouse is . . . well, not very demonstrative - and not very romantic. And sometimes - not often, I suppose - but sometimes - takes hard work, compromises and peace as entitlements instead of . . . well . . . voluntary contributions to the matrimonial union.

Not making sense, I know. Just frustrated and sad - as so often is the case I expect (HOPE for) pleasantness and engagement.

33 years of marriage? Yeah, it's been okay/
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