Crystal City: Tabithas Rescue chapters 7 + 8

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Chapter 7

It was a long and strenuous walk to where the queen was being held captive. All different kinds of terrain, sand, bog, off road and gravel. All up hill down hill. round this round that. But then, after days of constant walking, tom saw it, hell mansion the home of Randell the evil sorcerer.
It was a tall dark building that lent slightly to the right, with windows so small you couldn't even fit your hand through. There was always a cloud hanging around the roof top as the house was so tall. It was in the center of a thick, dense forest with a 6ft black wooden fence round the garden.
The garden was dead, with brown grass and dying wilting trees. In the center of the garden there was a path, with the only living thing in the garden on it, a tarantula it must have been about the size of an Av bit of paper. It was huge. You could see every last hair standing up on its back and right in the corner of the porch was its web. It was so big that tom could of sat on it.
Tom was terrified then he remembered what dexter told him ' you can do any thing if you put your mind to it.' this gave tom the strength to do what he needed to do and get out of there. So off he went to do his job and save his mum, but the second he stepped in the garden, he new something was wrong.
One of the spells tom was taught was a teleporting spell. You did this by closing your eyes and thinking where you want to go or who you want to be with. Tom did just that.
He closed his eyes and thought to himself that he wanted to be with the queen, and when he opened his eyes he was stood in-front of her. 'Q-Q-Q-Queen T-T-Tabitha,' he stuttered 'is t-t-that y-y-you?'
'yes my son, it is, you've come to save me, the prophecy is complete' said who tom thought was queen Tabitha, until she said the word 'prophecy'. Because from then her voice got lower and she started to change shape. 'R-R-R-Randell, what have you done with queen Tabitha?' screamed tom.
'what, that old hag, who calls herself queen'
'excuse me, that 'old hag' is my mother, the queen of crystal city and because you are holding her hostage, theoretically I have the right to kill you, what you've done is high treason Randell, and I'm not letting you get away with it, now where is she?'
' I'm not telling you, ner-nicky-ner-ner.'
' Shamus your lamus, now tell me where she is,' tom shouted while Randell was floating in mid air ' I could easily rip you apart, joint by joint until you tell me where she is. SO TELL ME!' he continued
'I'm not tell.....' Randell said
' I said, tell me; NOW!' butted in tom
'o-o-o-o-o-k-k-k-k-k, ok ill tell you, but on 1 condition, you get me down.' stuttered Randell
' you tell me, I get you down. Simple.'
' she is on room 72-72 on floor 6' replied Randell' as tom slowly hung Randell on the spike above the mantel piece and removed the wand from Randell's pocket.
' curse you kid, I new I shouldn't of trusted you'
tom ran, he ran so fast that he could barely breath. He got to the 6th floor but their was no room 7272, he looked again, and again. But no, it only went up to 74, so he thought ' maybe it was room 72, and he just repeated himself.' so he looked in room 72 and before his eyes was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.
She had long blond flowing hair and beautiful clear, sea blue eyes. With luscious red lips, Rosie red cheeks and the cutest button nose you could ever imagine.
'Q-Q-Q-Queen Tabitha, is that you? But your...'
'don' ask questions, just give you mum a big hug. Oh, and can you untie me please.'
'yeah sure, your highness' replied tom
'well I bet your wondering, how can I be your biological mother when I don't look old enough to even buy a can of red bull. Well the answer is, when your king or queen in crystal city, you don't age you can still have children but your looks do not change' tom was still in shock from seeing his mum, so young and beautiful so he just untied her and stood their with his mouth wide open.

Chapter 8

soon after the two arrived back at crystal city tom was crowned king. He had a 24 karat gold crown embedded with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Of course in the real world Tom is no longer in a coma unfortunately he passed away a few days after going into the coma. His family and friends miss him dearly and would do anything to have him back but he has a better life here.
Some of you may of guessed, I am Tom. A forty year old man, married to Dexter's daughter Cindy. With two children; Samantha (who is current queen of crystal city) and Stephan who is getting married tomorrow.
And well for Randell, he hung on that spike for many a year until the construction workers went to knock his come down and let him off. But he is an old old man now who is to frail to try any thing like that again. So hear I am. Writing the first of what I hope to be many of my adventures as king of Crystal City.

thanks in advance for the comments
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