GrahamLewis Nov 16, 2017
Corbyn, I agree that not knowing can be frustrating, even frightening. But in my experience it can also be liberating. Because to me the truth is that we can never know, and anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

I'm sure I'm older than you, based on the fact that you have "only" 11 years of working life behind you, while I have more than 40. And it took me much of that time to realize that security is an illusion. It became clear to me when people younger than me began leaving this mortal coil. And I saw what I think is the real truth about life -- we come from mystery, we vanish into mystery, and in the meantime we try to make sense of the impossibly unknowable.

A roundabout way of saying you are young enough to take this chance. I think you will be better off if you try and fail than if you wait until you never have the chance to try.

Bottom line is, whatever you do is what you do, and there is no right or wrong.

IMHO. Best of luck.
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