Envy is just a distraction

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Don't tell me you have never been envious. C'mon! Just think back to high school for a minute:
-those kids that scored higher than you in tests
-the kid that could run light years faster than you
-the guy who had a shopping list of girlfriends
-the guy who had an absolute doll of a girlfriend
-the guy who had a girlfriend
-the guy who could speak to girls without having a panic attack
-the pubic speaker guy who had truckloads of confidence, and talent I guess
-the guy who could play guitar like Mark Knoepfler
- the all round jock

But you know what? Statistics show that we are wasting our time being envious. We should be focussed on honing our own skills. Our own progress. As if others don't exist. Life may be a competition, but as far as we know, the only challenge is bettering ourselves. The people who can use this approach are the winners in life. It has been scientifically proven, that those who ignore others' achievements and focus on what needs to be done at this very second:
-live at least 2 weeks longer on the average
-sleep at least 13 minutes longer every night
-have 0.27 more children than the average family
-have 1.269% better chance of not getting run over by a moped

Envy is a waste of time and energy. Do the green thing. Vote "No" to envy!
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