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F&@# Playstation

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 99

Step 1: Buy $400 Gaystation

Step 2: Play enthusiastically

Step 3: Watch hours of gameplay trashed when console abruptly shuts off with Yellow Light of Death

Step 4: Recover composure and resume breathing

Step 5: Go to Internet for help.

Step 6: Wonder at how many people share my problem.

Step 7: Buy freakin Heat Gun and thermal paste, fix it, and feel accomplished

Step 8: Play for next three days

Step 9: Watch Playstation simply snap of with blinking red light.

Step 10: Recover composure and resume breathing.

Step 11: Go to Youtube for fix.

Step 12: Wonder at how many people share my problem.

Step 13: Never buy a Playstation again.
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