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I'm fascinated with what I've read here about role play. Far beyond my imagination, or at least the technical part. In the past I haven't been a big fan of science fiction or fantasy.

I have an idea for a game if I could ever get it out of my head and in writing.

It would be about a world where there are no prisons. Everyone is free. There are evil people, lots of evil people, but it's up to the common population to create ways to keep them away from the innocent.

For instance, let's say you have a very cruel person who targets happy people. So the benevolent players provide a really positive place for him where he's loved & cared for. And this won't work, of course, because envy & jealous is his problem. (In my opinion, that's ALWAYS the core of the problem. Eg Satan was thrown out of heaven because he was envious of God.)

Problems will arise because we never really know what motivates evil but that could be part of the game. Maybe that could be part of the game - trying to figure that out.

So it really wouldn't be a game of fantasy but maybe psychology?

I don't know. I admit. I'm making all of this up as I go along. :)

Except the main idea. That could get really elaborate. You could have wars & guns & secret elections. It wouldn't have to all be about the mind.

The main point would be that there are no formal laws so good people have to trick bad people in order to protect the innocent.

You can't just lock them up like we do in real life.
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