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Harry Lime Blog Item 3

Published by Harry Lime in the blog Harry Lime's blog. Views: 199

Recently, I have been attempting to tone down the heat on erotica in my content. I have been gradually shifting from the erogenous zone to perspectives on romance. Of course, romance from the male POV is quite different than from the female POV. I try when writing under a female penname or even from female POV in a Harry Lime story to switch the nuances. Sometimes it is successful and sometimes it is perceived by female readers to be suspect. Then, there is the grey area in between and with other points on the plane of sexual desire that defy a single approach. A work in progress called "Dinner on The Terrace" started with a red-hot scene of hetero erotica and moved into a non-erotic or even romantic phase of story background. At least I can make this story into a multi "chapter" story and link 3K segments together to come to a convincing conclusion. Some of my stories are planned or plotted and many others are simply put together from a thread of thought that flows rapidly through my mind.
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