Heartless World Ch. 1 (The start to my book) let me know what you think.

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Chapter 1

The Bell rung ending history class for a young sixteen year old Thomas Rawson, who say in the boy's bathroom listing to his CD player, waiting for the class to end. Thomas was sixteen years old, had long black hair with red in the front, was five foot seven, and he wore glasses even though he wore contacts. He always wore black baggy pants with chains on them most of the time, a black shirt that had a band name always on it, and had black and red skater shoes on. Thomas was always getting in dangerous situations so he was a longer and was a mysterious person. Even though he was a great climber and was fast he was always disturbed about something and goes into a dark mood a lot, which meant that he got distracted a lot. But if any of his friends got into trouble he would protect them. "Well better be hitting the old dusty trail," he said aloud scratching a scar on his arm. Thomas had many scars, so he became so used to the pain that he doesn't feel much pain and when he does feel pain he sometimes likes it, since it meant he could actually feel it. As Thomas walked out of the bathroom he noticed his history teacher looking at something in his direction. His teacher was smiling. "Oh no, how did he know I was in school today?" Thomas asked himself once he know that his teacher was looking at him. Just as Thomas tried to get into a crowd, his teacher called him over. "Man, I'm in so much trouble," he muttered walking over to his teacher.

"Why weren't you in class this morning?" his teacher Mr. Henry asked coldly. Mr. Henry was one of the tallest teachers int he school. he was six foot ten, had short gray hair with a bald spot on the top of his head. He was about seventy-sever years old, which made him one of the oldest, meanest teachers in school. "I'll ask you again, why weren't you in my class today?"

"Cause I didn't feel like listening to your boring less again about history of The Dark Ages," Thomas answered dryly. "I hate listening to you talk, and talk, and talk about history that will never repeat itself. History is the stupidest subject to have as a class."

Mr. Henry was then dumfounded. Never in his forty years of teaching had he ever heard someone say history was stupid. "How dare you say that history is boring, you...."

"No i said history was stupid", Thomas interrupted. "Now if you excuse me I need to get to my math class," and Thomas started to walk away.

"Hold it! You're not going anywhere!" Mr. Henry yelled. "You're coming with me to the principal's officer to get you suspended for skipping my class!"

"Oh no I'm going to be suspended. I'm so scared," Thomas said sarcastically laughing.

"Why you little....," Mr. Henry started red-faced, but caught himself by saying the rest of the sentence.

"Go on you can say that curse, come on you can do it," Thomas told him treating him like a baby.

"I'm not an evil hearted person like you Thomas," Mr. Henry said.

"Whoa, ok that's a lie. You're the meanest and strictest teacher on earth. Why is that?" Thomas counted.

"That's none of your business," Mr. Henry replied. Thomas then saw a different mood in his teacher. They just stood there for a moment not saying a word. Finally his teacher said, "Get to class, here's a hall pass. And don't let me catch you skipping my class again".
Thomas noticed that there was a deep sadness in his voice like he was depressed. "Ok," was all Thomas said before walking down the hallway. "What was that all about?" Thomas muttered to himself.
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